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[ yuhj-oo r-vey-duh, -vee- ]

/ ˈyʌdʒ ʊərˈveɪ də, -ˈvi- /

noun Hinduism.

a Samhita, containing a collection of sacrificial formulas.

Origin of Yajur-Veda



term for ritual formulas not in strict metrical composition +

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Examples from the Web for yajur-veda

  • The Yajur-Veda comprises prayers for sacrificial occasions, and interpretations of the same.

  • Attempts to localise the highest deities, though first carried out in the law book of the priests, are found in the Yajur-veda.

British Dictionary definitions for yajur-veda



Hinduism the second Veda, consisting of prayers and sacrificial formulas primarily for use by the priests

Word Origin for Yajur-Veda

from Sanskrit, from yajur sacred, holy (compare Greek hagios holy) + Veda

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