THE BEST 10 Hindu Temples in Seattle, WA – Last Updated February 2020

  • Sri Venkateswara Temple

    “This Temple is one of best Hindu temples here in Washington. This temple had the idols of both Lord Venkateshwara and Lord Shiva. The priests are very good and the place looks very…” more

  • Vedanta Society of Western Washington

    “Yelp lists The Vedanta Society under the category of bookstores and Hindu temples. It actually has a wonderful bookstore and presents the best of India’s philosophy but I wouldn’t describe it as a Hindu…” more

  • Bellevue Hindu Temple

    “The best temple ever visited outside of India. If you sit and do jaap, you can feel the presence of God. Once you walk in and stand in front of all Idols, you can feel all the…” more

  • Hindu Temple and Cultural Center

    “Went to the Hindu Temple today with an open mind and I was blown away by how much wasted space there is. All the deities are put together in a line like next together and in the…” more

  • Kent Hindu Temple

    “Beautiful temple that is very well maintained and make you feel right at home! It was great to find this place after moving to the big city. A feeling of comfort and familiarity is…” more

  • Jaya Hanuman Temple & Cultural Center
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

    “This Sai temple is located in same building along with L. V. Temple . Their is bit difficult to find for first time visitor as temple gate is behind L.V. Temple and it share entrance…” more

  • Nithyanandeshwara Hindu Temple

    “The free meditation offered twice a day at the temple, Life Bliss Meditation, has totally transformed my life; so much more energy and peace!” more

  • Vedic Cultural Center

    “Very nice place for practicing hindus as well as those curious about learning more without any commitment. It is very clean and everyone is friendly. I’m not a member of this…” more

  • Veda Temple

    “Wonderful temple – Sincere priests. Involved management and volunteers. Not to mention yummy prasadam!!!” more

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