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Presiding over Naaglok, Mansa finds out that her father is Lord Shiva. She goes to meet him, her siblings, Ganesh and Kartikeya; as well as her mother, Parvati. It is here she finds out that the entire family is worshiped, and insists that humans also worship her. Shivji informs her that she must convince his main devotee, Maharaj Chandradhar, and then only can she be worshiped. She goes to him but he refuses to worship her, and in anger she slays all of his six sons. She subsequently relents and permits him to sire one more son, Lakshmendra, with the hopes that he will change his mind and also include her in his prayers. Years later, the son has grown up, gets married to Behula, but still Chandradhar refuses to place her Kalash next to her father’s, so she has his son killed. A devastated Behula decides to tour all Char Dhams (Jagannath Puri, Rameshwaram, Dwarkadish, Badrinath) to revive her husband – but Mansa blinds her and drives her insane – while taking possession of his … Written by rAjOo (

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1 January 1972 (India)

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136 min


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Bharat Ki Nari Hai Tu

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Kishore Kumar

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