Meaning & Significance of Bhai Dooj

The majority of Hindu festivals and rituals put stress on the significance of family bonding and relationships. Although every relationship possesses its own value, but the brother-sister relationship is quite unique and unmatched. Hindu culture has manifested the greatness and glory of this relationship in many forms, out of which Bhai Dooj festival is an eminent form. This auspicious occasion also reveals the importance of siblings in someone’s life.

The golden occasion of Bhai Dooj provides a golden chance to a woman, bound in the clutches of her day to day routine, to go to her native place and meet her parents and siblings. This festival is like a homage to the pious brother-sister relationship and it also strengthens this bond further.

With the passage of time, this Bhai Dooj festival has no doubt changed its form like use of e-mails, e-greetings, mobile phones, chocolate and beverage hampers, and so. But, the basic significance of Bhau Bij and the feeling and emotion behind celebrating this wonderful festival is still the same, i.e., revealing and rejuvenating the eternal love of brother and sister. In the present context, we can say that Bhai Dooj will remain significant and consequential in the Indian culture as ever, in the years to come.


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