Meaning of Mandir by Lexico


  • A Hindu temple.

    • ‘My wife Sushila and I conduct a youth program for teenage Hindus at our local mandir in Berlin, New Jersey.’
    • ‘One such temple is the richly-decorated mandir in Edinburgh, Chaguanas, with its many miniature sculptures decorating its walls and panels.’
    • ‘We attend church, synagogue, mosque, mandir and gurudvara in record numbers.’
    • ‘The location of the new church is unique, as it will become part of a complex of religious buildings having a mandir and a mosque built close to each other.’
    • ‘It is enough that millions of Hindus actually believe it had occupied the site of a mandir.’
    • ‘Devotees at mandirs make offerings to Shiva and chant ‘Om Nama Shivaaya’ throughout the night, in a process that helps to calm the mind and bring one closer to divinity.’
    • ‘The mandir in Kharkhara village is one such place.’
    • ‘The irate devotees claimed that the current executive had locked them out of the mandir and had changed the locks without consultation.’
    • ‘The government even relocated the Shiv mandir, he says.’
    • ‘She said Lakhan worked diligently at school and was an ardent member of the mandir and the youth group.’
    • ‘Ms. Mundhra is very attached to the students of the mandir.’
    • ‘The mandir itself is very different from what one expects it to be.’
    • ‘The mandir has a display of paintings depicting Adi Sankara’s life.’
    • ‘Rather, one approaches the mandir to catch a glimpse of, and to be seen by, God.’
    • ‘He stresses why mandirs are essential to humanity: ‘A mandir increases moral values.’’
    • ‘Then members of the mandirs or businesses sponsoring the floats personalized them with balloons and garlands.’
    • ‘By putting Guru Granth Sahib in Hindu mandirs, simple Sikh villagers will begin to go to pay obeisance regularly.’
    • ‘Here, for example, is their map of mandirs across America.’
    • ‘This building is both a Hindu mandir and a community centre.’


From Hindi and Sanskrit mandira ‘dwelling place, temple’.



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