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1965 Latham St

Mountain View, CA 94040

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  • Photo of Meenakshi T.


    One of my favorite places to visit when I am looking for some peace and quiet. The Krishna idol is lovely and the Kirtans ( chanting) every Wednesday and Sunday is invigorating- they have a fabulous vegetarian meal on Wednesday and Sunday and the discourses on Bhagvad Gita are fabulous !!!
    From my perspective – go here to fill up your soul and stomach !

  • Photo of Seema K.


    Krishna conscious teach how to control your mind (brainwash) or make you useless because my husband all day long he lock himself and do chanting or listen YouTube videos about Krishna kids stories. He had very good job almost 17 years same company. One day he came home and he called me that I don’t want to work because one day we have to die so why should I work. He go to Krishna temple every day basically, he lives over there to help in the kitchen showing people that he is the number devotee but at home he like demon that’s make me surprise where is getting all these knowledge anyways when he gets upset or mad on me and talk to me very badly he use inappropriate words because he thinks women has no rights to do anything. He told my daughter one day that he do not like to live in USA and he told my daughter you need to come with me in India and when my daughter asked him why I need to go India with you then he told her USA is not good country, and if you want to see “God” you can find only in India. I really don’t care what he thinks but my concern is where he is learning and yes I am sure he is learning from Guru Lecture who lives in India. His is name is Navin Kashyap and he goes to everyday Iskcon temple Mountain View.

  • Photo of Jyoti P.


    Divine Experience . We Went By Chance Today , Wednesday, for Darshan of Krishna in ISKON. We thought After 10 mints Darshan we will Leave Temple but Set there for 3 Hours !!!. So when we went Inside , All Murti Darshan was really Great . We Go on looking At All Murtis . We set there and listen to Dhun “Hare Krishna Hare Rama ” Conducted by SwamiJi. Then Swamiji gave deep knowledge of GITA and BHAGVATAM .At the End once again Mantra Dhun Takes people in to Trans . After Aarti They Offer us Prasadam with Satvik Purity.All young Bhakt are Devoted and do lots of Seva of Temple.Worth Experiencing Once this Divine Moments. JyotiHaresh

  • Photo of v r.

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    Hare Krishna!! the people are very nice friendly and affectionate.
    Thanks to My friend ashok ravula for introducing me to this temple.

  • Photo of Mona O.


    I am not a devotee. A friend of mine introduced me to ISKCON in LA. I live in the Bay area and was looking for a Hare Krishna temple nearby. I started joining this temple on the day of their celebrations of the opening of the new location.

    Aside from the fact that the Mahamantra brings so much serenity and cleansing to my mind, my heart and my body, attending Kirtans that are lead by the president his grace vaisesika prabhu are even more calming.

    Everyone seems to be nice and though not many are talkative to me (since they don’t know me too well), but everyone I have tried to strike a conversation with has been very nice helpful and welcoming. Always a smile on their faces.

    On Sunday Kirtans there is the prasadam (a full vegan/vegetarian) dinner for free. Everyone is welcome, no one ever asks who you are or what you contribute to the temple.

    There is such amazing volunteer work and giving that happens every time I go. People are donating money, donating their physical help, donating their time and seem to do so happily and with humble appreciation for the community.

    I am becoming very fond of this temple and whenever I can I try to attend the Sunday Kirtan (unfortunately it is quite the drive for me and don’t always manage to make it).

  • Photo of S C.


    Words cant do justice to the warmth and tranquility that this place and the people devoted to here radiate. May this place prosper day after day for the immense service it provides to the bay area. so fortunate that they decided to make one home here.

  • Photo of Arthi D.

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    This place is so beautiful. It is amazing how the volunteers work together to run the place.

  • Photo of babita m.


    I was lost in the environment of Krishna chants and looking forward to visit every week on Sunday, where my son can learn the ethics and value of ancient time.

  • Photo of Passionate R.


    its a wonderful place…positivity,spirit of krishna and the warmth around is beautiful:) me and my husband attended 2 sessions of bagavadgita classes on wed evenings…we just loved the place..and definitely have a feel good sensation in ourselves! after the class ,there is aarthi and bhajans and also wonderful prasadam (full dinner!) all the people are friendly and we definitely wish to continue and also serve from our side.

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