Dussehra 2020 Date in India

Dussehra, also known as Vijayadashami is one of the biggest festivals observed by the Hindu community in the country. It is celebrated at the end of Navratri, on account of which the date changes every year. Under the Hindu calendar’s month of Kartik, this festival will be observed on the 10th day of this month.

Date Day States
25 October 2020 Sunday All states


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Celebrating Dussehra

Dussehra is primarily the celebration of victory of Hindu God Rama over demon Ravana, the king of Lanka. The day is observed with country-wide processions carrying statues of Durga, Saraswati, Ganesha, Lakshmi, and more to nearby rivers or oceans and immersing them. Also, effigies of Ravana are burned symbolizing the victory of good over evil and celebrations are held by lighting fireworks. Also, Diwali or Deepavali festival preparations are started.

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Dussehra 2021-2029

Date Day States
14 October 2021 Thursday All Indian States (Gazetted Holiday)
4 October 2022 Tuesday All Indian States (Gazetted Holiday)
24 October 2023 Tuesday All Indian States (Gazetted Holiday)
12 October 2024 Saturday All Indian States (Gazetted Holiday)
1 October 2025 Wednesday All Indian States (Gazetted Holiday)
18 October 2026 Thursday All Indian States (Gazetted Holiday)
9 October 2027 Saturday All Indian States (Gazetted Holiday)
27 September 2028 Wednesday All Indian States (Gazetted Holiday)
16 October 2029 Tuesday All Indian States (Gazetted Holiday)

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Significance Of Dussehra

Every year, the festival of Dussehra is celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal. People across the country take part in the occasion in their unique style. It is the day when ten-headed Ravana was killed by Lord Rama. Vijayadashami is an auspicious festival in Hinduism and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Every locality of the country has its own uniqueness in the celebrations.

How Do People Celebrate Dussehra?

The festival of Dussehra or Vijayadashami is celebrated differently in various parts of the country. While at some localities people engage in public processions, at some localities they take part in Ram Leela. Ravan Dahan is organised in a few cities. The most vital features of the festival include bursting crackers and feasting. Colorful exhibitions and fairs are organised on the occasion at many places in India. Moreover, people enact the entire Ramayana right from ten days prior to the festival of Dussehra. The celebrations remain the same during Dussehra holidays 2020.

Top Destinations To Spend Dussehra Holidays 2020

The following are the top five Indian destinations to spend Dussehra holidays 2020:

  • Mysore: Mysore, the second largest city in the Indian state of Karnataka, is a globally renowned destination to experience the true joy of Vijayadashami. In Karnataka, the tradition of celebrating Dussehra is more than 400 years old. The entire palace of the city of Mysore is lit up for the propitious occasion.
  • Delhi: Delhi, the capital city of India, also brings in the most exciting festival of Dussehra in a different manner. The festival is celebrated with continuous fun, fanfare and dancing. The city is also famous for hosting the best Ram Leela shows.
  • Varanasi: Varanasi is another beautiful Indian destination to celebrate the festival of Vijayadashami. It is one of the holiest places in the country as well. Like Delhi, Varanasi also hosts Ram Leela shows. For devotees, the city remains a favorite place of visit for ten long days.
  • Baraha: Baraha becomes the centre of attraction during Dussehra. You should visit this place for its unique celebrations. The distance between Baraha and Chandigarh is just 80 km.
  • Kullu: Kullu is the best tourist destination in India. Dussehra in Kullu is also a royal-led festival that goes on for 7-8 days. The city is also famous for its heritage. Consider this place to celebrate Dussehra holidays 2020 if you are residing nearby.

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Durga Puja is also referred to as Sharadotsav or Durgotsav. It is a yearly Hindu festival devoted to Hindu Goddess Durga. This festival is especially famous in Odisha, Jharkhand, West Bengal, Bihar, Tripura and Assam. It typically falls in the months of September and October according to Gregorian calendar. Durga Puja is a multi-day festival that features stage and temple decorations, arts and processions. The Durga Puja festival denotes the battle of goddess Durga with buffalo demon Mahishasura. Therefore, the festival signifies the triumph of good over evil.

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