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Hindu retreat

Alternative Title: āśrama

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  • In ashrama

    Ashrama, familiarly spelled ashram in English, has also come to denote a place removed from urban life, where spiritual and yogic disciplines are pursued. Ashrams are often associated with a central teaching figure, a guru, who is the object of adulation by the residents of the ashram. The…

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  • A Benedictine monk restoring incunabula at the monastery of Monte Oliveto Maggiore, Tuscany, Italy. In monasticism: Quasi-eremitic

    …tradition—as well as the small-scale ashrams (religious retreats) of monastic Hinduism since at least 300 bce are best called quasi-eremitic. Similar in function were the semiformal congregations of the early Buddhist monks and nuns, which preceded the establishment of the sangha (monastic order or community). Common elements of quasi-eremitic monasticism…

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